Step by step instructions to number each nth line in Word 2013

Word 2013 (NOTE): This isn’t passage or content numbering, yet line numbering, which are two particular things. Read on…

Imagine a scenario where you don’t need Word to number each line yet rather you need numbered, for instance, each fifth line. Not an issue by any stretch of the imagination.

1)On Page Layout tab, tap on Line Numbers and snap Line Numbering Options…


2)On the other hand, you can tap on the bolt in the lower right corner of the Page Setup segment.


3)Page Setup opens. Tap on Line Numbers…


4)Line Numbers windows opens. Checking Add line numbering box makes the choices accessible.


You can begin numbering at a particular number (Start at), control number position (From content) and number each nth line (Count by). In the event that you don’t require consistent numbering, pick between restarting numbering on each page or each area.

5)Sort or snap bolts to enter number 5 in Count by


6)Snap OK

7)Snap OK again to close Page Setup window.

Furthermore, voilà! Simple, would it say it isn’t?

Take a gander at the distinction between line numbering and passage (content) numbering:


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