Easy And Best Astute To Seperate Odd And Even Columns In Excel

Separate Odd And Even Columns In Excel

Exceed expectations’ sifting highlight is great and the new table-separating highlight offers significantly more. Be that as it may, there’s one thing neither can do: neither can channel an informational index by Separate Odd And Even Columns. Luckily, it’s anything but difficult to do. Essentially add an additional section to the informational index as takes after and channel by the outcomes:

  1. In an adjoining segment, utilize the =ISEVEN() or =ISODD() work, joined with a ROW() work that references any cell in that column.
  2. Double tap the cell’s fill handle to duplicate the recipe to the rest of the range.

offic 1


office 2


Next, empower a straightforward channel by choosing any cell in the information go and clicking Filter in the Sort and Filter gather on the Data tab.

office 3


Tap the new segment’s channel drop-down and pick False or True. False will show odd columns; True will show even lines.


office 3


office 5

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